VMS Trailers

VMS Trailers offers a wide range of Trailer VMS or Variable Message Board trailers and Traffic Equipment Australia and worldwide. We supply VMS trailer and Road Traffic Equipment solutions to all major Australian capital cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin. Our VMS trailers are also used all over the world including Asia, Europe and North America and we are constantly hearing from new clients in emerging markets enquiring about our VMS trailers.

VMS Trailer Signs Variable Message Signs or VMS signs are Trailer Mounted and Solar Powered. For 24hr operation, the energy is stored in our state of the art maintenance-free GEL Batteries. Our VMS Trailer sign and LED message signs include local and remote programmable options and have inbuilt satellite GPS tracking. Built to Australian Standards 2009.4852.2 and Australian Design Rules for Trailer Manufacturing, our VMS trailer signs can be used for traffic management on road projects, as a general message boards, or as a large size LED electronic advertising sign. Our VMS Trailer models are available in Single Colour Amber or 5-Colour LED configuration.

Electronic Trailer signs for Australia is becoming very popular mainly because it is a cost effective form of Road traffic management and marketing that really works.

VMS Trailer Signs Australia is a major supplier of Electronic LED Trailer signs to many different companies across Australia including Hire companys and the Australian Road Transport Authorities.

Full colour Electronic LED Trailer signs work well because they work around the clock 24hrs a day and reach a broad market of clients all at a relative low cost compared to other main stream advertising mediums.

Retailers are increasingly using Colour and Amber Electronic LED Trailer signage because Electronic signs communicate directly with passing by customers in the same demographic you are targeting as they pass your premises delivering the Electronic message you want and increasing consumer awareness of your business or brand.

Full Colour LED Trailers

Our full colour mobile LED trailers are capable of showing videos in a high screen resolution. They can be used for launch events or to simply advertise your new products and services. They are capable of playing any digital video format to create eye catching displays using the latest LED technology. Ask how VMS Signs Australia can help with your LED Trailer solution.

5 / 4 Colour VMS Trailers

5 Colour VMS Trailers
The VTS-5C Variable Message Board is an industry workhorse, tested and proven in the Roadworks industry. With a traditional 5 colour C-Size message board, solar powered unit with dual rechargeable batteries and hire spec trailer the VTS-5C is built for work. Easily managed via VMS Trailer Signs Web based internet software or simply plug in a USB for easy on-site management. Built on our proven hire spec advertising trailer with a heavy-duty hydraulic mast, leg stabilisers, forklift pockets and new 2019 spec premium rear plate and hire company advertising panels the VTS-5C is easy to manage and provides proven reliability.Our 5 Colour VMS trailers create stunning images but utilising Red, Green, Yellow, White and blue colours all on a black background.
Our 5 colour VMS trailers come in 3 different sizes A+, B and C
Our 5 colour trailers operate on 3G 4G so the messages can be easily changed remotely from a computer
Our 5 colour VMS trailers are really bright and can be used day and night for Marketing, Advertising, Traffic Management and Heavy Equipment safety messages.

4 Colour VMS Trailers Our 5 colour VMS Variable Message Board Trailers use Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and white colours all on a black background or a colour background.

Amber VMS Trailer Signs

Amber VMS Variable Message Trailers use the standard Amber colour VMS Boards with a black background.
Our Amber VMS trailers come in 3 different sizes A,B and C size.
Amber VMS trailer signs are best used for Traffic Management, Road work messages, Safety Information and event management.
As far as cost effectiveness goes Amber VMS trailers are by far the best value but are only suited to the above applications.

VMS Trailer signs has a large range of LED trailers and VMS trailers to suit your needs no matter where you are in Australia or around the world. Contact VMS Trailer Signs Australia today to discover how we can help.

VMS Trailer Specifications

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