Solar Powered CCTV Trailer Australia

VTS is proud to release our latest product the Mobile CCTV Camera Trailers suitable for a wide variety of uses including roadworks, Policing, Event Management, Project management, construction, local government and mining.

Our mobile CCTV camera trailers are suitable to Australia's harsh climate of extreme heat and even cold weather in some parts. VTS is a major supplier of CCTV Camera trailer towers and VMS Trailers to many different companies across Australia and around the the world.

Our CCTV camera trailers work well because they record around the clock 24hrs a day thanks to our high quality solar panels and 3 extra large deep cell batteries.

Built to high standards our mobile CCTV trailers feature the same high quality finish using hot dipped galvanised painting, and quality welding methods. Our Mobile CCTV Trailer towers are the ultimate project management or mobile CCTV camera command centre solution.

Mobile CCTV Camera trailer Solutions

  • CCTV trailers for construction site project management
  • CCTV trailers for road work projects </li>
  • CCTV camera trailers for Policing </li>
  • CCTV trailers for sporting events</li>
  • CCTV trailers for music events and street festivals
  • Can extend pole with electric hydraulic hoist up to 6m for unparalleled vision