New Mobile Solar Powered CCTV Trailers

VMS Trailer Signs

VMS Trailers Signs are a major supplier of Variable Message Signs (VMS) across Australia. Our VMS Trailers are built to Built to Australian Standards 2009.4852.2 and Australian Design Rules for Trailer Manufacturing. Our VMS Trailer Signs undergo the highest quality control measures. VMS Trailer Signs offers a wide range of Trailer VMS or Variable Message Board trailers and Traffic Equipment in Australia and worldwide.

Our VMS message board signs regularly rotate to and are unparalleled in drawing attention to the message that you want seen, be it for Safety, Events, Brands, Sales, Premise's or road traffic management situations.

Variable Message Signs

Our VMS trailers are also used all over the world including Asia, Europe and North America and emerging markets enquiring about our VMS trailers. VMS Trailer Signs Variable Message Signs or VMS sign boards are Trailer Mounted and Solar Powered for 24hr operation, with the energy being stored in our state of the art maintenance-free GEL Batteries. Our VMS Trailer sign and LED message signs include local and remote programmable options and have inbuilt satellite GPS tracking.

Messages can be entered on site or via our propriety cloud based software. VMS Trailer Signs and are regarded the best way to attract attention to or highlight your message from the surrounding landscape be it customers, workers, Pedestrians, Commuters and drivers.

Amber, Colour or Video Trailers

VMS Trailer Signs can help you with all your VMS signage needs from VMS Trailers in Amber, 3 Colour, 4 Colour, 5 Colour and even VMS Trailers with full colour Video boards. VMS trailer signs can supply VMS trailer signs that can be moved from one location to another quite easily or alternatively we can provide free standing Variable Message Signs (VMS) that can be fixed to a wall or another object, we also have standalone Variable Message Signs (VMS) that can be fitted onto the back of a trucks / Ute for advertising or traffic management (ideal for road works and Occupational Health And Safety).

VMS Trailers Signs can supply and deliver VMS Trailers Signs to all the major capital cities across Australia.

Australian Traffic Equipment Solutions

VMS Trailers Signs can supply and deliver VMS Trailers Signs all across Australia to all the major capital cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Hobart.

New Range of VMS Trailer Signs

Our new VMS Trailer sign range features brighter longer lasting LED lights with class leading solar power and battery life. All our new models feature LED WEB interface compatible with Apple, Android and windows operating systems making for ease of use where ever you may be. [more info]

New Solar Powered Lighting Towers

Just Released our New Range of Solar Powered Lighting Towers. Featuring class Solar Battery storage and new levels of brightness that will be sure to impress. With 4 new Eco Friendly models to choose from there is sure to be a model that suits any application including Roadworks, Events and Mining. [more info]

Mobile CCTV Trailers

Our Mobile CCTV Towers feature 360' panoramic view of your surroundings to enable the best possible viewing of your project even up to 300m away and with a 6m high mast capable of been Automatically raised or lowered. Our Mobile CCTV trailer tower can record even on the move whilst been towed providing the ultimate versatility. [more info]

LED Video Trailers

Our new P6 and P8 LED Video Trailers are capable of displaying both high quality pictures and video with the capability to add text overlay to provide the ultimate in LED Full Colour Video displays. Been Trailer mounted they also offer the benefit of been able to be transported to multiple sites. [more info]


VMS Trailer Signs is proud to be an Australian company who has built the worlds 1st 4 Camera 360' view night vision capable CCTV VMS Trailer. Innovation is at the forefront of we do so just like our new CCTV VMS we are always looking for ways to be industry leaders and innovators. [more info]